Demons, Possession and Exorcism

A Darker Road Traveled: The Path of a Demonologist

I grew up in a small town called Leicester New York with a population of a little more than two thousand people. It was your typical farming community settled in Western New York. I was the only child of a construction worker and housewife that lived just outside the village in a small ranch home. There was really nothing special about where I lived or who I was. I was just the typical child, in the typical small town with a very active imagination. An attribute which later in life I would learn wasn’t an imagination but instead the beginning of a spiritual awareness which was yet to come.

I made my way through high school and college just like anyone else. I was awkward and uncertain of myself not knowing what I believed in. I had challenges believing in myself and an even bigger challenge believing in something larger, something bigger. I didn’t have a strong belief or much at all in God. After all, I prayed a few times through my life for relief or guidance about situations but from my perspective was never able to see the response. You could blame it by not being brought up with a family who went to church for weddings and funerals or as I perceive it now; I simply wasn’t ready for God.

The idea of there being something beyond death always intrigued me. It seemed that a part of me could sense there was something more, much more beyond what we could see and understand even though I never had any true recognition of something “supernatural” happening around me. Little did I know, it was about to change.

I was in my early twenties working as a public relations consultant for an advertising firm when my eyes were opened to the possibilities of “something else” being out there. The firm was working with a client that operated a commercial haunted house. As I was doing marketing research for the business, I accidentally ran across the Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio on the internet. At the time, they were the only public facility that was operating overnight, lock-in ghost hunts for the public. As I eagerly read down through their website, it struck my interest and began to plan a field trip with a few friends to the prison. I wanted to experience a ghost. I wanted to see an orb. The four of us went and again I walked away having to experiences. No experiences at all. The skeptic with us did. He heard the voices, witness the shadows and felt unseen forces pushing him down walk ways. The trip did, however, provide me with an excellent opportunity to speak with the organizers of the ghost hunt. The organizer shared with me details of another location where she periodically conducted ghost hunts. She described the location as have all the psychic energy of the prison boiled down into one small little farm house. She shared it was a dangerous place as well, believing that a lower level demonic entity was at work on the site as well. My wheels were already in motion but unfortunately the only knowledge that I carried with me was that from watching movies and television. It was not nearly enough for the path I was about to embark upon.

There was a draw I began to feel after returning to New York. It was the draw to go back to Ohio, back to this small mansion known as Prospect Place. I began to put the ball in motion by calling the organizers of the tours at the mansion. Since the last trip I made to Ohio, it seemed that the ghost hunt organizers had changed at Prospect Place. The site investigations were now being lead by demonologist Randy Braden. We spoke of the events that occurred at the location with his assurance that the level of activity there was tremendous. We scheduled a time to make the trip but then it was canceled due to some illness with a couple of the individuals that were going to go. A few months later, we rescheduled the investigation but only to find the organizers had changed again. Regardless, our group of thirteen explorers packed up and headed west to Prospect Place.

The group of individuals who comprised the team varies as much in background as they did in belief systems. There were those who were just going for the potential “fear factor”, some to see or communicate with a spirit and then there were those who just plain didn’t believe. The road trip was a little over six hours from start to finish but had we been better observant we would have noticed omens for what was to come. One of the routes we traveled was Route 666 – where we even stopped for a photo opportunity. We arrived at the hotel the night before which is where the downslide began. We did everything wrong that we possibly could do wrong that evening and paid the price for it later.

It was after a few drinks and everyone arriving at the rooms that the “fun and games” began. Two individuals had brought Ouija Boards with them on the trip. I had always been a skeptic on some level about Ouija Boards. One side of me believed on some level that the other person was pushing the planchette lightly with their finger tips while another level of me really wanted to believe there was something supernatural to it. This made me one of the first volunteers on one of the boards. I sat across from a medium that had used Ouija Boards since childhood. As we sat there, she called to the spirits, asking to speak to only the highest and the best. The planchette began to move. It circled faster and faster on the board. When I could see her finger tips weren’t touching the plastic of the planchette, I raised my fingers as well but it continued to rotate faster and faster. The medium asked who was there with us and it pointed to 6, again 6 and again 6. She commanded that this was not an entity that wished to be spoken with and commanded it to leave. She reaffirmed that only the highest and best were allowed. Again asking, who is here to speak with us? The planchette moved to the letter “d” then “e” to “m” and at that point I lifted my hands from the planchette and walked away. I moved to the next board in the room, placed my hands down on the planchette only to witness it fly across the room to hit the wall. I stood up and walked away. Walking away was a mistake; the doorway which we had opened remained open, allowing the entity to remain.

The night progressed and the group continued to question the boards. There were trivial questions like “are we going to see a ghost” and “is anyone going to be scared?” They then asked a question that shook me. “Would anyone get hurt” and its response was “DC.” They were my initials. When asked how, it just responded “Green eyes.” I had told no one of the green eyes. One of the investigators who routinely is at Prospect Place, told me of the green eyes that were commonly sighted in the home. At that point we all turned in for the night, mixed with anxiety and excitement for the night ahead.

The night of the investigation was more than we had ever expected. A group of six of us stood in a circle in what was known as the “Servant’s Quarters.” As we stood there talking, individuals began to jump forward with a cry of pain. It was like someone was walking around the outside of the circle poking their finger into their back. One by one, people were poked and fear was rising. I found it within myself to step forward and command “in the name of Christ for what was there to stop touching us. It was not allowed to touch us or harm us.” The activity stopped. As we walked down the stairs to the main hallway, a force pushed me from behind causing my ankle to twist. It seemed the Ouija Board was correct. As we entered the main hallway, a young girl was walking erratically round and round in a circle. Her shoulders where crunched up like someone was grasping the nape of her neck. We immediately removed her from the house. As we were walking through the kitchen, she began to fight us wanting to go to the basement but we forced her out of the doorway. As she walked along the pathway to her car she described seeing a tall man standing over her. He wore a black duster type hat, a long coat. He had no facial features but glowing eyes. It was him that was holding onto her neck. She was placed in the backseat of the car and for some reason I remembers a sheet of paper I had placed in my pocket before going on the trip. It was a special set of prayers that the demonologist had given me so many months prior. We began to recite them together and the “attack” the young girl felt began to lighten. She felt comfortable enough to finally leave the property. She and the family she came with began their long trek back home. The rest of the night was uneventful for all of us.

It wasn’t until the drive home that I discovered that I had captured my very first a EVP or electronic voice phenomenon on my audio recorder. It was in the Servant’s Quarters when the group was being poked by an entity. There was a long guttural hiss, followed by the words “give them penis.” Later we would discover that one of the demonic entities that lurked there was an incubus or sexual demon. For the six to eight months, the lives of every individual and those closest to them went to hell. The young girl had a dark visitor at her home nightly with phantom screams and growls. Her bed felt as if something was lying with her. My fiancé, who didn’t go on the trip, was suffering brutal attacks at her home. She would have bites, burns and scratches manifest on her. Her hair would be pulled, poundings on the wall in repetition of three among so many other things. I was so terrified that I slept with the lights on at night with the covers over my head until one night when the covers were ripped from the bed. The entire bed, mattress and frame, was then lifted and dropped three times. I was quickly be forced into a place where I was either going to find my faith or lose what little I had. It was much like a horror movie going on around me. Things I had been taught all my life that couldn’t happen, suddenly are happening. HI began to question everything, including my own sanity.

I was fortunate enough to have the assistance of the demonologist to lead me through this ordeal. e guided me with the tools to use and how to use my faith to shield myself and those that I cared about. He guided me in the art of spiritual warfare and how to use prayer against the dark adversary. As the attacks began, I saw the power of prayer and how strong it was against the darkness. How they would challenge it again and again but as long as the belief and faith were in place, it would leave. He guided me through helping the others, blessing their homes and sending what was there back to where it came from. I began to guide others in the art of using prayer as self protection. In the end, everyone’s lives returned to calm – except for my own.

The ordeal that occurred so many years ago was like turning a light on in the darkness. The demonic now know of my existence and the past battles we have fought but so does God. I believe that God allowed what happened to me and those around me as a test of faith and as a test of life path. He chose the path for me to take. Since that first encounter, others have continued to find me looking for help. Some I have been able to help while others I haven’t but before each new case that arrives, a dark traveler appears before me to attempt to warn me away from helping that individual. It has just become one of the signs of true demonic activity in a haunting for me.

The years have taught me many lessons in the area of demonology. At first, I would work with every case and if I knew someplace had demonic activity I would search it out to banish it. Perhaps in my own mind being a “hero” of the spiritual war. All this really does though is draws more attention to the demonologist and more personal attacks against them. There comes a point when battles are chosen. The question is asked, what is worth the fight and is there someone to be helped. If there isn’t then what’s the point? The point of all the spiritual warfare is to bring man back to their faith and belief in a higher power.

People don’t realize when they begin working with demonic cases the influence they can have. The activity that the clients may be experiencing won’t stay with just the clients. If someone is trying to help an individual or property that is under spiritual attack, those trying to lend assistance will then fall under attack. The attack will come on more front than just what is portrayed in the movies. Spiritual warfare sees no boundaries. The demonic use hit and run tactics like terrorists. They will do the frontal “spiritual assaults” that include poltergeist type activity such as banging on the walls and moving objects but there may also be physical manifestation on those assisting. They way find bite marks and scratches that appear on them as well but the most horrific damage that can occur is on the psychological front. The demonic will attempt to isolate the individuals involved in the situation, make them question themselves and all around them, create financial devastation and physical illness among so many other atrocities.

No one chooses the path of a demonologist. God chooses them and even when they tried to stop doing it, God pushes them a little bit farther down the path. When people ask how they can learn about demonology, the first question I ask is why they would want to. There are so many other aspects of the paranormal to be explored, why dive into something that can destroy your life and influence your family? But if God calls you, find the mentorship of a demonologist you can trust. Certainly you can read the books but there is much knowledge that remains hidden. Let them be your guide and God be your savior.


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